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Réno Climat

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Subsidy and RénoVert tax credit

Rénoclimat Subsidy: (Energy and Natural Resources, Quebec) up to $650 to $1100 in 5 steps Consult the details to join the Rénoclimat subsidy program offered by the Government of Quebec.

  • Step 1 - Appointment:
    Fill out the appointment request form. A Rénoclimat agent will contact you.
    Rénoclimat does not make any direct solicitation. Beware of so-called representatives who offer you a home visit...
  • Step 2 - First visit:
    The Rénoclimat agent carries out an energy study of your property to determine your EnerGuide rating. It is essential that this analysis take place before the work begins.
    A fee of $150 plus taxes will then be charged, but $100 will be refunded on the second visit.
  • Step 3 - Work :
    Proceed with the work, guided by the recommendations contained in the energy study report.
  • Step 4 - Second visit:
    Once your renovation projects are completed, contact the Rénoclimat agent again at 1 866 266-0008. They will evaluate your EnerGuide rating improvement at no charge.
  • Step 5 - Cheque:
    If you are eligible, you will receive the financial assistance application form by mail 6 to 8 weeks after the second visit. After you have sent it, wait another 6 to 8 weeks to receive a cheque for the amount of your subsidy.


Green Power Program


RénoVert tax credit

Carry out eco-responsible home renovations and take advantage of the Green Power Program temporary tax credit.

This tax credit is applicable on work relating to a home's mechanical systems: heating, air conditioning, water-heating and ventilation systems.

See details to join the Green power subsidy program offered by the Government of Quebec.

  • Heating
    • - Installing an ENERGY STAR certified air-source heat pump
    • - Replacing the heat pump of an existing geothermal system
    • - Replacing the oil heating system with a propane or natural gas system
    • - Replacing the oil, propane or natural gas heating system with an electric system
    • - Replacing the oil, propane, natural gas or electric heating system with an approved integrated mechanical system (IMS)

  • Air conditioning
    • - Replacing a window or central air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR certified air conditioner
    • - Replacing a central air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR certified air-source heat pump

  • Water heater
    • Replacing an oil water heater with a propane or natural gas water heater, provided the new water heater is one of the following :
    • ENERGY STAR certified instant water heaters with an energy factor (EF) of at least 0.90
    • Condensing tank type water heater with 95% or higher thermal efficiency
    • Replacing an oil, propane or natural gas water heater with an electric water heater

  • Ventilation system
    • - Installating an ENERGY STAR certified fan/heat recovery unit or fan/energy recovery unit


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