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Heated floor

For absolute comfort throughout the house in Châteauguay and all the South Shore

You want to be comfortable inside your home at all times, but you don't know what to choose between a heated-floor-system and a baseboard heaters? Why not choose heated-flooring?


What is a heated-floor system and what is it used for?

The radiant floor heating system uses heat from the floor to heat the room. Using electrical cables or a network of tubes filled with hot water, a heated floor distributes constant and uniform heat over the entire surface of a room, thus allowing occupants to experience the same degree of comfort throughout the house.

A heated-floor system is invisible since it is installed under the floor covering. This guarantees absolute discretion. What’s more, it doesn’t make noise, doesn’t smell and doesn’t raise dust.


An energy-efficient heating system

Very popular in new construction, heated-flooring is more expensive to install than a traditional furnace or baseboard heaters. However, it allows for greater heating savings. Indeed, an underfloor heating system has been proven to consume between 10 to 20% less energy than a traditional baseboard heater.

With several underfloor heating systems our experts will be happy to advise you on the product best suited to your needs. No matter what type of floor heating system you want, it is important to have it installed by experts to ensure the quality and conformity of the work.

To learn more about our floor heating sales and installation services, please contact us. We serve the regions of Saint-Constant, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Châteauguay and the surrounding cities.