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Central heat pump

Central heat pump sales, repair and maintenance in Châteauguay and all the South Shore

Are you considering a central heat pump installation to heat and cool your home or business? A central heat pump offers several advantages to the occupants of a building, the main thing being the comfort it provides.

Indeed, thanks to its multiple ducts connected to a central unit, a central heat pump allows a larger distribution of hot or cold air throughout the rooms of a property than a wall-mounted heat pump.


Who is a central heat pump for?

A central heat pump is ideal for those who already have a central heat pump, air conditioner or ventilation ducts with a furnace and are looking to replace it. Those who are planning to buy or build a new home equally benefit from considering these types of systems from an early stage. Whether you want to have your existing heat pump repaired or a new unit installed in either case, our experienced technicians can fulfil your needs.

Comfort and energy efficiency

The main advantage of a central heat pump is it’s energy savings. Combined with a furnace, it allows the distribution of hot as well as cold air and therefore modulates the ambient air temperature. Ultimately, as mentioned before, a central heat pump allows significant energy savings.

Our high quality central heat pumps offer comfort, energy efficiency, affordability and are manufactured by the best North American heat pump manufacturers.


Installation and repair of any heat pump brand

Qualified to install and repair any type of central heat pump on the market, our experts can assist you in selecting your new unit. They can also carry out the necessary repairs on your existing heat pump to maximize its efficiency and extend its operating life. Furthermore, to ensure the proper operation of your heat pump, regular cleaning and maintenance is recommended and our experts will be happy to tell you more about how to maintain your system.

The Sky-Air heat pump is synonymous with year-round comfort. The outdoor unit, as compact as a wall-mounted air conditioner, generates only 49 dB; who says better? Using inverter technology for optimal comfort, the Daikin heat pump is also very economical while generating incomparable air quality, far superior to a conventional electric heating system.
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Comfort, peace of mind and affordability. With such qualities, it's no wonder Goodman has become the world's second largest heating and cooling equipment manufacturer. Satisfaction guaranteed, summer and winter!
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